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Parents / Guardians

From Captain Philip Weaver M.B.E.

When I, as Khun Cao's guardian, was looking for a school for him to extend his education and improve his English, I was also looking for a School, such as I-TIM which had quality partner colleges and or universities, that graduates could transfer credits to complete a degree overseas.

In I-TIM we have found this and an excellent choice it has turned out to be with Chong's command of English greatly improving and ability to face life, and deal with people after his sheltered life in China previously.

As a result of this excellent training, we are hoping to get Khun Cao into the Thames Valley University to undertake a degree course in "International Hotel Management," in the summer of 2009.

From Freddy and Jane Schaepper

My wife and I feel very privileged that it was possible for our daughter to be enrolled in the International Hotel & Tourism Industry Management School’ in Bangkok because we have noticed, even through the first year, that this school has given her self-confidence and a solid basis for a successful career in the upper class hotel business.

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the school for its activities and, at the same time, convey our thanks to teachers and staff for their continuous efforts which enables young people to become personalities in life.

From Aneta Nikolova, Environmental Affairs Officer SDWS/ESDD, UNESCAP

My son has followed the two years course with great enthusiasm and has gained very useful practical experience during the internship program. I would like to share my satisfaction with the level of education and training I-TIM is providing to the students, as well as with the care and devoted attention to support the individual interests of each student for self-development.

I-TIM staff also assists international students in their efforts for adaptation to the lifestyle and culture in Thailand and Bangkok in particular. Tony matured and acquired skills and knowledge, as well as confidence, which have advantaged him during his current study in the Le Cordon Bleau (LCB), Adelaide, Australia and his traineeship period in Melbourne.

The opportunity to continue studying in LCB was developed by the I-TIM industry placement office through a special bridge program agreement they have negotiated with LCB. I am very grateful to the management and the professors of I-TIM who have helped and nurtured Tony in his professional development and personal growth.


Mr. Amran Adae, from Yala, Intake 31

My name is Amran Adae, graduate of the 31st intake. I really enjoyed my studies at I-TIM. The subjects are good and relevant to the industry. I was fortunate to go overseas to America in my second year of study.

I interned in Aspen, Colorado from December 2004 to May 2006. It was absolutely great. I made a lot of new friends from many countries, gained a lot of knowledge and I also was able to make a lot of money. Having international experience is really important for my future as I know it will open doors for me.

Mr. Weeradech Sudthong, Intake 21

Presently I am working on a cruise ship, I graduated from I-TIM five years ago. I am earning a minimum of $US2, 500 up to $US3, 500 per month. Now my niece is studying at I-TIM and I am confident for her future.

Ms. Nantapon Sawadsri, from Phitsanuloke, Intake 29

My name is Nantapon Sawadsri from Pitsanuloke, I was a student in Intake 29. I did my second year internship in Aspen, Colorado from December 2004 to June 2006. During this period I interned in Room Service and Banqueting.

I had the opportunity to work with people from many countries in Europe and the Americas. That was a great experience for me to open my eyes over there. I could develop myself, improve my English, and I could handle problems by myself. I learned how to deliver American service standards. I earned USD$8.50 per hour plus tips and service charge.

I would like to thank you I-TIM for giving me the opportunity to work in United States and I always use these words I learnt at I-TIM, "If You Think You Can You Can."

Ms. Sivakorn Thungsakul, from Nakorn Pathom, Intake 31

I had a fantastic time in the United States. I was in Aspen Colorado from December 2004 to March 2006. I gained a lot of knowledge and experience.

I would like to say thank you very much to I-TIM for giving me the opportunity to have a wonderful internship in America.

During my internship period I was able to make more money than my tuition and expenses in America. I am positive that this overseas experience will assist me greatly in my career in the hotel and tourism industry.

Mr. Thanin Anu, from Lampang, Intake 31

My Name is Thanin Anu from Lampang, Thailand. I interned in Colorado USA from Dec 15, 2004 to April 15, 2006. This internship gave me many new experiences including working with many people in different countries with different cultures that made me much more aware. I was also able to improve my English communication skills including idioms and slang.

About money, I received maximum wages for each position so basically when you work in USA you'll get enough money to pay for your education and living expenses in America. I would recommend I-TIM to anyone who wishes to work in the Hotel and Tourism industry.

Mr. Witthawat Prajantasen, from Khon Kaen, Intake 31

My name is Witthawat Prajantasen, graduate of the 31st intake. I really enjoyed my studies at I-TIM. When I first enrolled my English was very poor, but with time, I was able to improve my English a lot at I-TIM.

I was fortunate to go overseas to America in my second year of study. I interned in Branson, Missouri from March 2005 to January 2006. It was a great experience. I made a lot of new friends from many countries, gained a lot of knowledge and I also was able to make a lot of money.

Having international experience is really important for my future. Now I am a catering manager for an international company in Bangkok. I know I would not have this position without my degree from I-TIM.

Mr. Chong Cao, from China, Intake 35

Studying in I-TIM was one of the most wonderful experiences for me. I got to learn the warm hearted Thai culture from the day to day living in Bangkok. My classmates were superb and active.

All the A-jarn are polite and patient to us. Especially the 5-month long internship each year was an eye-opening and unique industry experience. Once you put on the nice-looking I-TIM uniform it is the start of your professional life. Good luck! (Chong Cao interned in his first year in the Intercontinental Hotel Bangkok and the second year with Cathay Pacific at Suvarnabumi Airport, he has transferred his credits to the U.K. to continue his studies).