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How to Apply

All applicants must take I-TIM's English Entrance Examination except those who have graduated from an English medium high school, or those who can produce a TOEFL result of 450 or more.

All applicants must have completed high school and be aged at least seventeen years. If a high enough score is not obtained in I-TIM's examination the applicant must enroll in I-TIM's Pre-study program which commences prior to each intake.

All applicants must have graduated from high school (year 12 or M. 6 in the Thai system).

Documentation for Foreign Applicants

  1. Age of 17 - 30 years old
  2. I-TIM's application form and application fee
  3. A4 copy of education certificates and transcripts in English
  4. Fifteen passport size photographs (not digital- two inch)
  5. Photocopy of every page of the passport duly signed on A4 paper
  6. Five copies of the Purpose of Attending the Course form
  7. Five copies of the Personal History Check form
  8. Medical Certificate stating applicant is fit to study and mentally stable

Documentation for Thai Applicants
  1. The application fee is 250 Baht.
  2. An official highschool (M.6) transcript or its equivalence or university transcript with 2 photocopies.
  3. House registration with 2 photocopies.
  4. ID card with 2 photocopies.
  5. Medical certificate.
  6. 4 of 1" x 1" recent photographs
VISA Information

All foreign applicants aged between seventeen and thirty years must be holding a category O non-immigrant visa and have a parent, guardian, or guarantor to support their application. Foreign applicants over twenty years of age must be holding an ED non-immigrant visa. All foreign applicants must have prior approval by the Thai Ministry of Education.

Once approval is given by the Thai Ministry of Education, the applicant can apply for the "non-immigrant ED" visa; this visa cannot be issued in Thailand.

Once the first year's visa needs to be renewed for the second year of the program, the Ministry of Education will review each student's record. This includes, but is not limited to, academic record for the first year, student conduct score, and any previous record of visits to Thailand.

The Ministry of Education reserves the right to approve or decline the request for the visa extension. I-TIM is not responsible for the granting of the one-year visa extension. Therefore all students are completely responsible for their record of stay in Thailand.