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Academic Program

Two-Year Diploma Program

in Hotel and Tourism Management


I-TIM’s Two-Year Diploma Program covers a comprehensive range of courses geared towards giving our graduates a thorough understanding of Hotel and Tourism Management, not only in Asia but world-wide.

First year

Students in the first year of the study plan follow the syllabus of the Certificate in Hotel and Tourism Industry Management. This introduces the concept of Hotel and Tourism Management, examines the practical, business functions of a hotel from a supervisor/junior management perspective, tourism management, European culinary and restaurant service and management.

By the end of the first year students will understand the practical elements of the running of a modern hotel. Students will also have an understanding of the social and economic environment in which hotels operate and the role of organizations within that environment. Moreover, they will gain an understanding of both restaurant services and European culinary techniques.

Second year

The second year builds on the theoretical and practical knowledge acquired at the first year. The emphasis here is on the operation of a hotel from a departmental manager’s perspective and consequently the syllabus has a substantial business administration contents. Students also have to understand the theory and practical of restaurant services and management together with European culinary and tourism management. As with the final year of the degree, assessment is on the basis of coursework as well as examination.

By the end of the second year, students will demonstrate both practical and theoretical principles of tourism management, restaurant services, and European culinary techniques.

Swiss-American Curriculum

Our program was developed from the American Science of Hospitality Management and the Swiss System of Service Practice. Each year includes a five month internship program with extended salaried overseas options in the second year of the Diploma Program.